Mardene CXI Chunky Low Tops

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Decided to limit the first production to 15 pairs. You will need password to access link below, please fill out form.

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Mardene CXI chunky low tops

This is my first sneakers designed completely from scratch as you can see on the site the hand sketches for the prototype.

The color palette chosen is influenced by my home state of New York where all Preme Apparel items are fabricated.

Materials I chose to used for the shoe are Italian suede and Italian leather.

The name of the shoe Mardene CXI has a significant meaning to me, I chose this because the roman numerals CXI translates to 111. The past few months I have been seeing 111 or 1111 whether when looking at the time randomly, on receipts and numerous other places. Im not going to get into the meaning of seeing this number pattern but you can look it up on google or anywhere online.

The craziest part is the sneaker wasn’t supposed to be released until February 2020. It wasn’t until last night I found out that they were approved for early release in the US and in Europe and would be available for purchase today on 11/11.

God works in mysterious ways, look up online the significant meaning behind 111 and 1111 to learn more.